Hold my hand, I love you

This is a fun Activity to play with your child.

All you will need is
Materials:Stuffed animals
Time:15 minutes
Skills:First words

This is a fun game that provides bonding time with your little one.

You say, “Hold my hand and I’ll kiss your nose.” Take your child’s hand and kiss her nose.

Then say, “Hold my hand and I’ll kiss your cheek.” Kiss her on the cheek.

Repeat with tummy, toes, and so on. Once your child understands the game, switch roles. Guide your child to kiss your nose and cheek. When your child is ready, repeat the game using your child’s toy animals, substituting animal parts such as paw, wing and tail.

This is a fun game that I found that Khloe really enjoys playing so I thought I would pass it along. I don’t remember what book I found this idea in sorry..



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My name is Kayla I'm wife a mom to my baby girl that was born November 2009. This site you will find everything from crafts, fashion, my journey through early childhood development with my daughter. E-mail me at: KaylaKohl@Gmail.com
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One Response to Hold my hand, I love you

  1. Hi!
    I saw your profile picture of you and your adorable baby and couldn’t get over how beautiful it is!! I read some of your blog, and you sound just like me 18 yrs. ago! My miracle baby girl is 18 now; seems like yesterday-we did countless crafts, and picnics, and tea parties with dollies, and baked, etc. Okay, I am daydreaming now! The greatest part was telling her about Jesus and teaching her Bible stories, etc. and watching her grow into a beautiful young woman. But oh, how time flies! Now she is in college in NYC! How blessed we are!! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!! Continue to enjoy every minute! It is beautiful to see that!~Lynne

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