I want to ride my tricycle!

Today was nice so we did a lot outside

She figured out how to push off with her feet

I just love watching her figure things out

Since it has been so nice I brought out her house

She loved opening and closing all the doors

peek a Boo

She ran around trying to catch the bubbles

She loves pulling the kitchen towles off the counter

today I found her cleaning the floor

she looked up to me and said I clean clean

Then was blowing her nose with the towel


She loves shoes

I usually don’t let her play with shoes

but today she was trying to put my shoes on and I could not help but let her

She walked all around the house with just one shoe on

She was so proud of her self that she finally got her foot in the shoe

Off to go finish dinner

Sorry for such a long post..

What did you do today?


About abc123fun

My name is Kayla I'm wife a mom to my baby girl that was born November 2009. This site you will find everything from crafts, fashion, my journey through early childhood development with my daughter. E-mail me at: KaylaKohl@Gmail.com
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2 Responses to I want to ride my tricycle!

  1. Megan Card says:

    What an adorable little girl! Thanks for following me on Blog Frog!

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